Adventure Day 6

South Beach, FL

I’m writing this, sitting on my balcony, enjoying the night breeze and a glass of Cabernet.

We haven’t quite made it to the Keys…Do you have anyidea how FAR Key West is from NY?

Though our minds were set on Key West, our eyes spotted the white sandy beach of Miami, so we pulled the Starship Escalade over and landed for a few nights. We couldn’t have picked a better spot than South Beach, FL. We took in some much needed rays and of course, a few cocktails beachside.

Apparently the Art Basel exhibit is here this week in SoBe.

The town’s a buzz over Art and the beach is beautiful!

We thought WEdecided to stop here…but of course there are no coincidences.

This is a close-up view from our balcony…

And this is the view up-close

Yeah, I know what you’re thinking…we thought it too.

We asked the guy on the beach, who’s guarding the ONLY art as far as your eyes can see, “So,what’s up with the roses on the beach?”

He said, “I don’t know, some big shot artist from NY.”

We smiled and said, “No kidding…”

We knew Jena was once again leading our adventure!

Adventure Day 1

Adventure: the final frontier. These are the voyages of the Starship Escalade. Its 13 day mission: to explore strange new lands, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no married couple has gone before…stuck together, no reservations, no destination…in search of Sanity. Margarete A. Cassalina …co-captian’s log, star date 11.23 […]

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